Pub ID for Venues

We are a free web application that hopes to make the requirement to log visitors in the UK as simple as possible for both consumers and venues alike.

Taking into consideration the sensitivity of data and the needs of venues to stay Covid Secure, we have developed Pub ID to be as simple and easy to use as possible, whilst making sure the required information is accessible 24/7 by NHS Test and Trace.

Making it easy!

Customers don't want to be inputting their data into various forms for every venue they visit. Pub ID resolves this issue by centralising the registration into one system that means consumers only need to sign up once. Customers are issued with a QR code that can be scanned at all participating venue or they can just check themself in with the tap of a button.

Think of Pub ID like a passport to venues around the country, you only need to register for this passport once.

Why Pub ID?

It's more than just a register.
Live Attendance
Pub ID provides live updates on daily visitors, letting you know how many people have been scanned into the venue.
Users can opt into marketing communications from venues they visit. This information is shared with you when users have said they want to find out more about your venue.
Easy Reporting
If you're contacted by NHS Track & Trace to provide a visitor log, you can simply login to the online portal, select a date and export a list of all your visitors.